Детская нейрохирургия
Детская нейрохирургия Детская нейрохирургия Детская нейрохирургия

General information on clinic "Pediatric Neurosurgery" of A.L. Polenov RNSI

The department of pediatric neurosurgery was organized in 1938 on the initiative of professors A.L. Polenov and I.S. Babchin. Over the years, a permanent consultant was prof. I.S. Babchin, Executives were: Senior researchers A.Ya. Salman (1938 - 1948), A.G. Tishin, then within 20 years: Honored Scientist of RSFSR professor A.G. Zemskaya, and since 1970: Doctor of Med Science V.V. Hokhlova, in 1979-1987 - Doctor of Med Science V.A. Rogulov, Doctor of Med Science S.L. Yatsuk (1987-1996), from 1996 to 2000 - Prof. V.P. Bersnev. Since 2001 the Head of the Department is Professor William A. Khachatryan.

Currently, it is a diversified 35-beds department that employs: Professors, Doctors of Med Science, Doctors and 18 experienced nurses.

Neurosurgery department carries out the most complex operations in different parts of the central and peripheral nervous system in children, head vessels and spinal cord, spine.

Employees of the department publish articles in various Russian and International journals and books in various fields of neurosurgery and neurology, as well as the department released 9 monographs, 16 methodical recommendations, more than 50 inventions and 6 manuals for doctors. The clinic Organizes and conducts international workshops, participates in congresses of neurosurgeons and Russian Symposiums. Within the last 5 years, Research Assistants performed management of 10 candidates and 5 doctoral dissertations.

A number of new concepts are developed and introduced by the department of pediatric neurosurgery, relating to important aspects of diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of the nervous system. In particular, over the past 5 years, new methods of operations were developed and the well-known surgical treatment methods of hydrocephaly, tumors of posterior cranial fossa, cerebrovascular pathology, diseases and injuries of peripheral nerves, epilepsies were significantly improved; a new concept of the pathogenesis and classification of hydrocephalus and new approaches in the treatment of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis treatment was developed.

The department publishes scientific-practical journal  «PEDIATRIC NEUROSURGERY AND NEUROLOGY» has HSC - the highest certifying commission, registration since 2010).

The department has modern diagnostic and surgical equipment’s:

  • endoscopic video systems
  • monitoring system of biomechanical properties of the brain and intracranial pressure
  • ultrasound and laser disintegrator
  • microsurgical equipment
  • stereotaxis systems
  • catheters and devices for endovascular operations
  • cerebrospinal fluid drainage systems
  • neurostimulators and neuroprotective

Joint researches with medical institutions in Canada, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and other CIS countries.

Employees of the Neurosurgery Department constantly supervise neurosurgical service in the Russian Federation and beyond, carrie out advisory work, perform demonstrative operations, train the experts who specialize in RNSI.

Treatment of patients and consultation are carried out daily from 9:00 till 14:00 in A.L. Polenov RNSI. It is advisable to have with you all medical documentation including details of additional methods of examination (results of CT, MRI, X-ray, spondilograms, etc. Consultation and hospitalization of patients on preliminary correspondence is possible.