Детская нейрохирургия
Детская нейрохирургия Детская нейрохирургия Детская нейрохирургия

Pediatric Neurosurgery and Neurology research journal

Dear readers and colleagues

We are pleased to welcome You in this page of a new research journal devoted to the problems of pediatric neurosurgery and neurology. Fast development and significant achievements in neurosurgery and neurology allow to meet the challenges in the treatment of pediatric nervous system diseases. The presence in the journal Neurosurgery and Neurology is a way to assess the understanding, discussion and analysis of topical issues related to the pathology of the nervous system.

We hope that the "Pediatric Neurosurgery and Neurology" journal will be of interest and contribute to improve the professionalism, mutual understanding and enrichment of professionals involved in treatment process of pediatric nervous system diseases.

The topical issue will be published dedicated to the most actual and controversial challenges - epilepsy, hydrocephalus, cerebrovascular disease etc. A special issue is planned for parents of children suffering from diseases of the nervous system, containing scientific and popular articles with tips and advice for the care of sick children, information on medicines, and information about new therapeutic and diagnostic methods. Please send us your suggestions and we will invite you to actively participate in the work of the journal Editorial Board and Editorial Council.

Sincerely, the Editorial Board.